The Roadmap

Inspired by the little things that distract us from our true potential in life, there are 5000 items in this collection that allow you to collect and trade the demons that challenge you.

Vibrant backgrounds, multiple attributes from horns and mouth to emotion color (anger, envy, pride, lust and melancholy), and each with a charm for where you struggle (relationships, money, career, social and happiness). See the Rarity page for an overview and metadata.

Own your demons, then trade them to rid yourself of their hold.

The total collection is offered over a series of three drops. 

DROP ONE – Early February

  • 3500 unique demonsĀ 
  • Includes over 30 Elites
  • Private Discord server with WL for DROP TWO
  • Drop open to all, random mint

DROP TWO – announced at 60% sell out of drop one

  • 1200 unique demons
  • Includes 10 Elites and 1 Legendary
  • one creator designed custom elite demon
  • Private Discord Server with EXCLUSIVE WL for DROP THREE

DROP THREE – announced at 80% sellout of drops ONE & TWO 

  • 250 random demons
  • Includes elites and 5 legendary
  • custom Elite demons

Drop one is open to all. Owners of drop one demons get access to the private Personal Demons Discord, and early access to Drop Two.

Owners of Drop two will have exclusive early access to the final limited drop where new custom creator designed demons will be released. 

Creator will reserve 50 Demons for promotion and giveaways.

This collection has been designed for easy early access and long term trade-ability and value.